Friday, January 27, 2006


Post Weekend Topics Suggestions Here!

Is there a topic that you would like the readers of this blog to consider? Ideas about what investment vehicles are best, or historical trends to watch? Please post any ideas here and I'll put them up over the weekend.

Which will prove to be the better investment over the next 12-24 months, Gold or Silver?
Which currency will hold up in a global recession?
Is it necessary to have physical possession of gold for ultimate safety?
Is it necessary to have physical possession of gold for ultimate safety?
# posted by cl : 7:59 PM

I know I am old fashioned when it comes to this point. I think one should most certainly hold some gold & silver in physical form.There are those who will pop-up and talk about safety and storage.I've held Au&Ag for years it's not been a problem for me. No one knows what you have unless you tell them. I also think a person should hold on to some cash.In the event of an emergencey good luck with electronic money. Ask anyone who has been through a hurricane, tornado, earthquake etc... What a what a seller of goods & services will except as payment when the electricity is off. It's best to look at percious metals as an insurance policy,
in the event of an economic storm.There are some mighty dark clouds on the horizon. I'm no doom & gloomer,but as the old saying goes it is better to be safe than sorry...

The silver ETF is starting to cause quite a stir. The question of above ground inventory is an interesting situation.We are talking very large numbers here.
Topic suggestion: the "other" PMs, especially platinum and palladium. Pd in particular seems underappreciated; its fundamentals look very good and yet its price is less than 1/3 platinum's. Pt, of course, is also coined in bullion coins, including Eagles and Maple Leaves, and the Canadians just started making 1-oz Pd Maple Leaves as well. The Northwest Territorial Mint has been making 1-oz Pd rounds for a while, which are claimed to be the only ones made in the US.
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