Thursday, December 29, 2005


Have A Gold Mining Stock Tip?

A reader sent in some gold mining stocks of note. Miramar Mining Corp. had a great day, up over 13%. Cardero Resource was up almost 7% today and has had a nice year. And speaking of annual returns, check out Yamana Gold Inc.

Do you have any gold mining stock tips?

I have read Jim Puplava's San Francisco Gold Show report.
There was a talk about Yamana. It really looks like future "gold blue chip".
I am definitely looking to purchase this stock, but possibly on some price setback, cause of margin buy.
On the same show report James Dines was talking about superior potential of Uranium play. It is really worth reading.
I am in look out for more aggressive hedges of future economic meltdown, that is why I appreciate, Ben, your effort to accomodate my interest. Thank You,
Uranium and gold all in one nutshell, Cameco Corp (CCJ),

Thanks for the work Ben, and "Happy New Year" :)

Always Lurking,

Yes, the uranium play looks like a longer-term lock. Need to find better information on tradable companies...
tj & the bear.
If you do please post it. I think we can be well ahead of the crowd on this.
James Dines believes uranium mining companies will have a spike in interest in next 24 months. I think I want to go with this bet. Any thoughts?
CCF Profile:

Cameco Corporation engages in the exploration, development, mining, refining, and conversion of uranium worldwide. It operates in four segments; Uranium, Conversion Services, Nuclear Electricity Generation, and Gold. The Uranium segment involves in the exploration, mining, milling, purchase, and sale of uranium concentrate. This segment operates four mines in Canada and the United States, as well as two mines under development in Canada and central Asia. The Conversion Services segment engages in the refining and conversion of uranium concentrate, and offers conversion services. It operates as a commercial converter of uranium concentrates to uranium hexafluoride, as well as a commercial supplier of services to convert uranium concentrates to uranium dioxide in the western world. The Nuclear Electricity Generation segment involves in the generation and sale of electricity. This segment has a 31.6% limited partnership interest in Bruce Power LP, which operates nuclear electricity generating facility in North America. The Gold segment engages in the exploration, mining, milling, and sale of gold. The company owns 52.7% of Centerra Gold, Inc., which has 100% interest in the Kumtor gold mine in the Kyrgyz Republic, and 95% interest in the Boroo gold mine in Mongolia. Cameco is headquartered in Saskatoon, Canada.

Thank You, oc bear!
I definitely look at Cameco in my next round of purchases.
Do you know anything about Cameco hedging activities?
Seems to me that companies which sold their futures production on contracts will be in disadvatage as the price of gold and/or uranium rise next couple years, comparing to those companies, which sell at market prices.
Any info?
I'm seriously considering subscribing to Dines newsletter.
My gold shares portfolio by position size:


TRE and RGLD are "virtual gold miners"--They are royalty companies and have been big winnersw. I continue to expect leadership performance from them. TRE Tan Range exploration is Jim Sinclair's baby. It has the best properties in Tanzania and with Mr Sinclair's leadership needs to be looked at by anyone with an investment eye on the mining sector.(It has moved from .92 to 6 and change this year--- that will give you an idea of what I mean by leadership performance.)
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