Thursday, November 10, 2005


Plan Now To 'Sleep Well' Later

The always interesting William F. Hauge has an editorial on the current economy. "Recently, Alan 'Mr. Bubbles' Greenspan and his band of merry men raised interest rates yet again for the 12th consecutive time. We should also realize that the current string of rate increases began back in June of 2004. Here we are, a full 18 months later, and we still haven't 'tamed the beast.'"

"I think the real observation here is that we are not seeing any type of slowdown in any way, shape or fashion. If the past few weeks on Marco Island are any indication, we may continue to see rates rise for quite some time. The constant barrage of incoming visitors is certainly a welcome sign to the business community, only not so much to the economist."

"With all of this uncertainty, educated investors have designed and implemented a plan to combat this syndrome. It is not just the conservative investors anymore, either. Investors of all types are beginning to re-position their assets into insured and fixed portfolios. This allows them to ride-out any market gyrations, capitalize and lock-in the small upswings while avoiding loss."

"In this uncertain time, there are simple, stable and predictable options for the educated investor. Get a plan together now. While everyone else worries about what is going on around them, the smart investors can go about their lives and continue to be SWAN's. They can Sleep Well At Night."

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